How Long Will Your Retirement Savings Last?

Aug 10, 2015 | Blog, Retirement

If you have ever asked yourself how long your retirement savings will last, you are not alone. Whether you wonder about how much you’ll need to save in order to retire at 65, or at any age, mapping out the path to your destination is extremely important, and reviewing your retirement goals regularly will help you stay on track.

Take for example a long drive from San Francisco to New York City: you wouldn’t embark on that kind of journey without some kind of road map that could tell you how to get to where you want to go, right? And wouldn’t you want to choose the best possible routes to take for your journey? You can look at retirement planning much in the same way.

At LexION Capital we know that there is no “one size fits all” retirement plan . We understand that the individual needs of our clients are as unique as their personalities. Our financial advisors keep this in mind when creating retirement portfolio plans for our clients. As a client, you will be met with an advisor who will review your individual goals, all of your assets and resources, and your options. The level of risk you want to take will be taken into account when our wealth management advisors help you plan an asset allocation strategy that works for you.

LexION Capital understands that the needs of all clients are not alike, which is why we work hard to develop unique strategies for clients based on their individual needs. As a fiduciary wealth management firm, we make it our top priority to deliver the best possible investment advice to our clients, and to help build an investment strategy that works for them throughout their retirement.

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