Reviewing Your Retirement Goals

Dec 31, 2014 | Blog, Investing, Retirement, Wealth Management

The new year is a natural point to check in, review your financial goals, and re-evaluate your plan to make sure that it is still a good fit and that you are on track to meet those goals. A common question that arises as part of this goal-mapping conversation is: am I in good shape in terms of preparing for retirement? How can I tell?

At LexION Capital, we know that these questions come up for clients in their thirties just as for clients who are nearer to retirement age. And for good reason: other financial goals may vary widely, but retirement is a milestone that we all plan on hitting at some point. Whether you intend to retire in five years or twenty-five, the best approach is a proactive one. Even if you have been saving and investing for retirement for years, you may start to wonder if your retirement preparation is on track.

An independent fiduciary advisor can help you see how your current financial plan fits with your long-term goals. For instance, at LexION Capital we walk our clients through wealth forecasting analyses, rigorously testing the way a portfolio is expected to perform over time in various market conditions, with different asset allocations and spending levels.

Remember, the right time to consider changing your investment strategy is when the basic factors underlying your strategy change. If an event in your life this year has altered your retirement goals, your time horizon, or your financial needs, make a call to your financial advisor and any other members of your professional team.

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