As a truly independent firm we’re responsible for one thing — our clients. LexION Capital provides our clients with bespoke portfolios coupled with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and transparency. LexION Capital is revolutionizing the way Wall Street works with Main Street to create a successful and peaceful investment experience for our clients.


When CEO and Founder Elle Kaplan was in college, her father suddenly fell into a coma. Elle witnessed her mother’s struggle to manage her family’s investments on her own. Elle wished there was a place where women like her mother could receive honest and ethical investment advice. After working on Wall Street in investment banking, sales and trading, and obtaining an Executive MBA in Finance, she took the best from Wall Street, and left the rest behind to create her own firm. Elle built LexION Capital from the ground up with the mantra “would this investment advice be good enough for my mom?” This question remains core to our firm’s DNA.

The smartest woman we know, self-made financial whiz Elle Kaplan


Kaplan is so passionate about women and finance that she’s already talking to the next generation about it.

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Kaplan is a pioneer

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Single. Coupled. Widowed. Divorced. New parent. Grandparent. Retiree. You’re more than one word.

We have decades of experience helping people in similar situations to yours navigating their complex financial challenges.

As a firm that “does well by doing good”, we are proud to assist mission-driven non-profits and institutions.


Doctors swear to “first do no harm” and are held to the Hippocratic Oath. Shouldn’t the person managing your wealth uphold a similar standard? As a fiduciary firm, we’re legally held to the highest standard. Just like your doctor, our advice always has to be in your best interests.

Our exclusive focus is to help our clients meet their financial goals. Your LexION Capital team meets with clients individually to thoroughly understand their needs and craft solutions to empower their financial future. Historically, high-caliber advice like this was reserved for only the largest pools of money.

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