This Surprising Habit Can Make You Ultra-Successful & Wealthy, According to Science

Mar 22, 2022 | Blog, Success

Research discovered the missing link needed to realize a successful and wealthy life: purpose.

There is no denying that achieving personal and financial success is a long process that demands your full commitment. But for some people, even if they are 100% committed to this journey, there are times it gets difficult to see the promise of its results.

Here’s the good news. With the help of a recent study, researchers were able to give an answer to the question why most people do not become successful and wealthy despite working extremely hard for it.

According to the study, there’s a specific sense of purpose and accompanying mindset that can make a huge difference in a person’s personal and financial life. It was revealed that people who found this sense of purpose accumulated more wealth over the long-term and were also happier.

With all this in mind, have you really determined your purpose in life?

For some, it may be a yes, but it is also perfectly fine if you haven’t figured it out yet. It is never too late to reflect on your life’s purpose, especially now that you know how it would impact your future success.

Finding (or honing in on) your purpose and vision in life can be achieved in simple steps that will help pave the way for exponential success:

Understand your strengths

You know yourself better than anyone. To understand your purpose, look into what you do best. Ask yourself what activity, career, or hobby would you be willing to engage in for a long period of time.

When you find the answer, channel your energy into these things. Build on your strengths and continue to improve your assets.

Listen to your heart

Your heart knows what makes it satisfied. In the quest to find your purpose, think about your happiness. What or who are the main sources of your happiness?

Happiness is integral to determining your success because it is the ultimate productivity-booster. It leaves you in a positive disposition, empowering you to create an impact in whatever you do.

Be mindful of your interests

The ideas that you are most interested in are clues to what your true life’s purpose is. Whether it is sports, travel, etc., it is all about the feeling that draws you closer to what you want to happen in your life.

Take it from GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman, who once said that we are all trying to figure out our place and our purpose, and passions are one of the most obvious guides.

Determine what excites you

Ask yourself, what are the truly important things that give meaning to your life? Is it your family, a dream car, a promotion, etc.? What is that force that makes you get up in the morning?

Those things or people you cannot live without help you figure out why you exist in this world. They give you inspiration to bounce back and recover from failures. They are the reason you don’t give up no matter how challenging life is.

Visualize and practice being your future self

Imagine where you want to be–and what you want to become–in the future.

By visualizing the future you, you embrace a promising future, knowing where you want to go and how to get there.

Finally, to become that ideal, future version of yourself, you need to practice being it.

Whether you want to get in shape or start a business, it’s not going to happen overnight. Instead of waiting for change, start prioritizing and scheduling bite-size improvements today, no matter how busy you are.

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