How to Grow Your Wealth

Nov 23, 2015 | Blog, Investing

You’re probably wondering how to grow your wealth. From selling stocks to buying bonds, our investment approach is about the long-term, not the buying and selling fluctuations of today. If you have wealth available for investment and have ever wondered about investing a million dollars, we at LexION Capital recommend that you focus on the long-term—so tune out the market noise, and don’t stress about the market slumps.

Let’s say you’ve recently inherited wealth and are asking financial advisors about investing a million dollars. You’re going to want to think like a marathon runner. Marathon runners need to run at a steady pace for 26.2 miles, but the last 6.2 are the most challenging. This is when, during a marathon, you need to keep your eye on the finish line, refusing to sprint or slow down, but instead maintaining your pace.

When you’re thinking about investing a million dollars, this is the strategy you need to grow your wealth. Even when a “golden goose” investment opportunity (like the Dot-Com Bubble) presents itself, and it might seem like investing 101 to put all of your wealth into it. It’s actually not investing 101—you need to be more careful with the wealth you inherit. So be careful about going buy crazy for a hot-button stock.

On the other hand, don’t sell just because there’s a slump in your investment. This is investing 101, too: if you have wealth available for investment, you need to remember that, historically, the stock market always eventually recovers. To grow your wealth, you need to remember that buying sprees and massive sell offs may not represent the key to long-term success.

That’s where LexION Capital comes in. At our fiduciary firm, we make a life-long, unique portfolio strategy for each client’s wealth available for investment. And we always have our eyes on the finish-line, not only tomorrow’s profits. Whether you’re investing a million dollars or less than that amount of wealth, we’re here to help you save for your future while growing your investments today.

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