How Is LexION Changing The Private Wealth Management Industry?

Oct 27, 2015 | Blog, Wealth Management

When some people think of Wall Street, happy thoughts don’t always come to mind. In fact, the general perception of Wall Street and private wealth management firms is not very positive.

When LexION Capital CEO Elle Kaplan set out to launch one of the only woman owned wealth management firms in the country, her goal was to change the way people thought about Wall Street. Growing up in the mid-west, Kaplan strove to bring small-town values to the financial industry. As a result, LexION Capital was born. To this day, LexION Capital is dedicated to bringing honesty and transparency to the private wealth management industry.

No hidden fees: Unlike the services you receive from brokers, at LexION Capital you never have to worry about hidden fees. LexION Capital is a fiduciary, and adheres to the highest legal standard in the finance industry. That means that what you see is what you get, plain and simple. We’re an honest firm, and we want to do right by you and your family.

No conflict of interest: We don’t house your investments, so you never have to worry about our advisors pushing product on you, like you would at other firms. We don’t sell you in-house inventory, and you will never find any self-branded products at LexION.

As a fiduciary, we are committed to what’s best for you. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible investment advice not only because it’s the legal standard, but because we’re committed to doing the right thing. At LexION Capital, our clients come first.

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