Handling and Balancing Stress

Jun 4, 2018 | Blog, Health

How often would you say you feel stressed? If the answer is “every day”, you are not alone. Between work, family, social and personal lives, there are many obligations to balance. Stress is your body’s reaction to perceived pressures and threats from your environment. When prolonged, this feeling will cause you to be unhappy, short-tempered, and tired. Stress has many ways of manifesting itself. In more severe cases, chronic and serious stress can lead to heart disease. Clearly, if left unmanaged, this will overwhelm you with a very real and profound effect on your health. Are you generally happy with your quality of life or do you feel panicked, trapped, and hindered from being productive?

How do you work on it?

Whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed, or even at the start of every day, write down a list of things you are stressed about and need to do. The physical act of writing it out, as well as being able to visualize everything, will calm you down. Once it’s all on paper, you should feel as though your mind and thoughts are no longer as clouded. Work on unitasking. Giving every task just a brief fleeting moment of attention at a time takes away from doing your best you can to complete that task. Break all your larger projects down into much smaller tasks that you can do easily. When you are only focused on the next step, your stress surrounding the entire task will dissipate.

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