Finding Your Genius Zone by Achieving Balance In Life

Jun 29, 2018 | Blog, Mindset

Determining your strengths and weaknesses is easy: simply list what you excel at and what you struggle with. What is more difficult is knowing what to do with them. The balance of the two is where your genius zone lies. Do you think you can enter it?


Self-awareness is key to general understanding; it is a fundamental aspect and measure of emotional intelligence. Don’t be afraid to seek opinions of others around you for insights into your strengths and weaknesses. This is important because your view of yourself may be very different from how others perceive you. In any case, you don’t have to be completely objective to begin the journey of finding your inner balance. The important thing is to have the willingness to change.

You should recognize your shortcomings so that you can fully address them and avoid being overly reliant on your strengths. Not doing so will be to your detriment in the long run. For example, a talented operational manager might focus relentlessly on efficient results, but in the process of controlling and micromanaging, actually stifle productivity. As the doer, it may be hard for the manager to recognize this about his or herself, but in this case, more is not better. Redirect your energy – use your strengths to tackle your weaknesses.


The delicate space where you reign in your strengths to grow your weaknesses is known as the “genius zone”. This is where passion meets innate talent, enabling you to discover what works best for you and your work. Your self-reflective clarity in goals, skills, and abilities will shine through your personal brand and set you apart. Achieve this by balancing your strengths and weaknesses. You will be empowered for success, fulfillment, and lifelong improvement.

Once you’ve begun your process of becoming a more well-rounded individual, you will grow and learn more about how to be your strongest self. Cultivate your weaknesses to become strengths and don’t allow overused strengths to become weaknesses.

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