Applying Sports Strategies To Your Work

Jun 22, 2018 | Blog, Entrepreneurship

Whether it’s specific mentalities, team awareness, or psychological techniques, there is much to learn from the achievements of successful athletes. Athletes are some of the most widely-admired, well-respected professionals in America. Among the 100 most-watched television shows in 2017, 81 were sports broadcasts. According to Forbes, the sports industry is expected to reach a value of $73.9 billion by 2019. Reap the rewards of their accomplishments by learning their strategies and applying them to your business.

No matter how difficult the task at hand may appear to be, the key to managing it is to simplify. Nick Saban, football coach of LSU and Atlanta, learned this principal from Lionel Rosen, a psychiatry professor at Michigan State University. Since the game itself is much too complicated for a single mind to comprehend all at once, Saban would tell his players to focus only on the next play, the next drill, one single step of the process.

Team sports rely on the varied characteristics and specialized abilities of their members. There is little ambiguity, in terms of who has what role. In volleyball, for instance, the tallest woman often takes on the position of middle blocker, since her reach gives her a distinct advantage.

When you are a leading team, know what your members’ strengths and weaknesses are. Move beyond reviewing their experience to get to know how they see themselves. You may discover a hidden talent that could support the overall results of the team.

A tennis player’s team may consist of a coach, trainer, physiotherapist, and nutritionist, with additional support as needed. Roger Federer, widely regarded as the greatest male tennis player of all time, has received training from no fewer than 7 coaches over the course of his career. Never forget about the individual contributions of your team members, no matter how small. Appreciate the team and every member’s contributions.

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