First Steps

Sep 9, 2014 | Blog, Fiduciary, Investing

The vast majority of us aren’t taught what do with our money after we make it–besides spend it, of course!

To complicate matters, the media bombards us with high-level financial information as if we’re somehow supposed to know what it all means and how to interpret the constant flood of news and data. We’ve all seen the nightly report on how the financial markets fared that day, but unless you’ve studied economics or investing, has anyone ever told you in easy-to-digest terms what that data actually means? Have you wondered how this impacts you and your finances and investing goals?

Learning about your finances is a journey just not one that is typically included in regular education. Every journey, long or short, has a first step. To take control of your finances, look at what you do know and what you do have. First, you want to invest wisely, to make your money work for you. That’s a great place to start.

If you seek an advisor, make sure to educate yourself about all your options, and understand the difference between a fiduciary (someone who is legally required to act in your best interests) and a broker (someone who can be paid on commission to recommend investment products to you).

One definition of confidence is “knowledge put into action.” Knowing that, it is time to be confident about your finances and excited about your financial future.

For our members, the team at LexION is always here to help provide insight on all matters related to your financial life. To join us, request a consultation anytime.

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