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LexION Capital is a fee-only, independent, fiduciary wealth management firm. We exist with a singular mission: to serve the best interests of our clients with ethical and transparent wealth management services.

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Different Standards

As an independent fiduciary, LexION Capital is dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients with responsible, transparent, and ethical wealth management solutions. We strive to build a better Wall Street for all. At LexION, we apply a mission-driven, client-centric approach and rigorous ethical standards to all we do. We believe that these standards should become the standard, everywhere.

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Fixed Income

LexION Capital uses a goals-based approach to fixed income investing. Our process starts with a careful consideration of client objectives. Our high credit quality fixed income portfolios are customized to each client’s specific needs and goals. We measure the sustainable performance of fixed income portfolios against individual client’s objectives in reducing interest rate risk and maximizing after-tax returns.

Global Equities

LexION Capital takes a global approach to equity investing. We offer access to elite institutional products, yet we are independent of any large, bureaucratic bank. As such, LexION Capital’s equity portfolios provide our clients with access to top tier investment opportunities in every asset class, currency, and commodity around the globe. Our global equity portfolios are thoughtfully designed to maximize diversification and grow wealth sustainably, with a long-term focus.


Commodities, or hard assets, are a strategic part of a diversified portfolio. Commodities are the raw materials used to sustain our lives and industries, and thus are in constant demand. Commodities appreciate in times of growth, and they hedge against inflation. LexION Capital’s dynamic global portfolios include an allocation to hard assets as part of a carefully considered strategy that is customized to support each client’s financial goals.


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Our Mission

LexION Capital is an independent fiduciary wealth management firm that exists with a singular mission: to offer client-centric, ethical, transparent wealth management services.

LexION Capital is a wealth-management firm that exists with a singular mission: to serve the best interests of our clients with ethical and transparent asset management services.

LexION Capital is an independent fiduciary wealth-management firm that exists with a singular mission: we offer client-centric, ethical, transparent asset management services to everyone.

Though we bring the extensive experience and resources of a large institution, we operate independently from a bureaucratic investment bank. This freedom means we are unencumbered by the Wall Street culture of putting short-term corporate needs over the investor’s best interests. Ultimately, we do not have to temper the goals of our stock price with the goals for our private clients. As fiduciary wealth managers, our sole focus is providing each of our clients with a customized strategy to achieve investment success.

We offer our clients one critical service: objective and informed wealth management, free from any conflicts of interest. As a fiduciary financial advisor, our entire approach is dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients, helping them grow their wealth and build the future of their dreams.


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Our sole priority is to make your wealth work as hard for you as you worked to amass it. As a privately held firm, LexION Capital focuses completely on your investment experience. We do not have to answer to the short-term needs of boards and shareholders. Instead, we answer to you, the client, each and every day.

Protecting Your Wealth

Our approach to wealth management is holistic, comprehensive, and strategic. We create customized portfolios to support your long-term financial goals.

We Are Ready to Grow With You

At LexION Capital, our belief in client-centric wealth management defines everything we do. Our relationships are ongoing and long-lasting. As your holistic financial advisor, we get to know you, your present situation, and your ideal financial future. We engage you as an active partner in our transparent wealth management process to create a long-term strategy that evolves as your goals do.  We continually meet and check in with you. When anything changes that impacts your financial life, we invite you to contact us.

We Provide Peace Of Mind

When you become a client of LexION Capital Management, you also gain access to a separate institutional custodian to house your assets. While the dedicated fiduciary wealth advisors at LexION Capital create and implement investment strategies on your behalf, you remain in complete control of your assets. All accounts are held in your name. This transparent separation of investment advisor and custodian is one more step LexION Capital takes to uphold our fiduciary duty and serve the best interests of our clients. You can rest easily, with full confidence that your assets are safe and accessible only to you.

We Offer A Collaborative Approach

At LexION Capital we foster a collaborative approach. When appropriate, we work with your accountants, attorneys, and other trusted advisors to create the most value in every area of your financial life. Whether planning for retirement, creating a charitable trust, or transferring wealth across many generations, LexION Capital is committed to making your financial goals a reality.

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