Guided by our core values. Tailored to your goals.


We are uniquely mission-driven, dedicated to empowering hardworking Americans and the families they love. 100% women-owned, our financial planning is mindful of the unique needs of women investors, long overlooked by traditional Wall Street.

Our wealth management strategies are goals-based and customized to your needs.

Unlike anything else in the world of wealth management.

Radical transparency.

Fee-only, completely independent, and set up to empower and protect our clients. We separate the money manager and the custodian so that clients retain complete control of their assets. We always report performance net of our fee.

The fiduciary standard.

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients. More than a mission, we are legally required to act in our clients’ best interest.

Elite institutional access.

Our client portfolios are invested at the institutional level, not the retail level. The best-quality, lowest-cost investments are available at the institutional level, which individual investors at banks and brokerages can’t access.

The level of asset management LexION offers is what the largest pools of money can access.

It has never been available to individual investors below the level of several million dollars.

Until now.

How can LexION help you turn your goals into reality?


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