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Top reasons why exceptional employees quit.



To have exceptional success in business, you need to have exceptional employees. But unfortunately, it’s easy for A-players to find another opportunity.  Most of the slip-ups made by bosses that motivate rock stars to leave are completely avoidable.

1. They overwork the best ones.

“We treat our people like royalty,” said Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay.

If you have good people, do not burn them out. It is not fair that because a person is twice as good that they work twice as much.

They will notice, and they will feel undervalued and mistreated. The quality of their work is likely to plummet as well – your productivity per hour decreases drastically.

2. They don’t respect time out of the office.

Managing the balance between family life and work is a battle.  Because having a healthy work-life balance is so important to people that 14 percent of employees said that this issue is a deal breaker, according to a survey by BambooHR.

The truth of the matter is, but we shouldn’t have to choose, so, we definitely shouldn’t be making our teams choose. When employees feel satisfied with their life outside of work, they are much more likely to perform at a higher level when they are actually at work.

Top reasons why exceptional employees quit

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