LexION's Approach To Enhancing Your Wealth

We begin with a dialogue of questions

Together we build a comprehensive plan driven by your personal time frame and goals. To create this plan, we explore your situation and concerns related to the impact of taxes, inflation and market fluctuations. We may ask you, what are your plans for the future? What concerns you about the markets? Do you want to build up wealth steadily or protect yourself against market volatility? And last but certainly not least, how are you feeling about your investments at the present time? The thing that makes our investment advice so unique is that we craft a plan for your wealth enhancement that is thoughtful, deliberate and completely individualized.

Customized Risk Profile

Your financial goals span a lifetime, therefore it is essential to prepare for uncertain events that could potentially derail your overall strategy. Our role as your advisor is to not only to help you define your long-term objectives, but to identify potential threats to your success, and to implement strategies to protect you. A thorough assessment of your risk tolerance is paramount to our process. In order to determine the right amount of risk for you, we take the time to listen to your goals and investment experience. Our discussions lead us to an agreement on the levels and types of risk that are appropriate for your specific situation.

Investment Policy Statement

While standard for endowments and trusts, we work with all of our clients to establish an investment policy statement. This statement serves as a guideline and roadmap to accurately reflect your time horizon and long term goals. Together, we revisit this statement when reviewing your accounts or when potential changes to the portfolio are proposed.

Asset Allocation

A client’s risk profile, investment time horizon, liquidity and cash flow requirements are all ultimately implemented through your customized asset allocation. Your asset allocation is dynamic and reviewed to take into consideration both our outlook and your changing needs. Our independence means that we can build portfolios comprised of the best investment options across all asset classes.

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