Fixed Income

 Stability                  Preservation of Capital               Income

We measure the sustainable performance of fixed income portfolios against individual client's objectives in reducing interest rate risk and maximizing after-tax returns. We maintain high credit-quality portfolios, utilizing active management strategies to both enhance return and reduce risk. Our goals-based approach to fixed-income investment starts with a careful consideration of client objectives.

The plan we develop specifically for each client is backed by fundamental economic market analysis and specific security analysis, tapping the collective research capabilities of LexION Capital. Each portfolio's holdings and maturity schedule is determined by economic and market conditions as well as the individual client's risk tolerance and tax situation.

Our clients depend on their bond investments for stability, preservation of capital and income. Bonds have highly predictable future cash flows and hedge against deflation. Fixed income investments have a low correlation with equities, so they are key to reducing the volatility of the portfolio. At LexION Capital, we construct and manage diversified municipal as well as customized corporate bond portfolios that reflect each client's tax bracket and cash flow needs.





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