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Feme-o-nomics: Wavemaker: Elle Kaplan, CEO Lexion Capital Management

WebTalk Radio: The New Retirement - Money, Money, Money

Entrepreneur Podcast Radio: Interview With Elle Kaplan

July 2012

NerdWallet: FAQ: Should I enroll in Overdraft Protection?

The Glass Hammer: Bypassing the Glass Escalator Threat

MSN Careers: My education differs from my colleagues': Is it an issue?

The Glass Hammer: The New Debate Over 'Having It All'

Advisor One: Seeking Social Media’s Payoff 

June 2012

Fins: How Hiring Managers Mess Up

CNBC: 'Useless' Degree, Awesome Job  

Business News Daily: 7 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

May 2012

Hello Wallet: Is the Deal of the Day Really A Deal?

NASDAQ: Five Steps Women Can Take to Boost Their Numbers in the C-Suites

MSNBC: Tax Tactics - States to Take Shelter from the Storm 

April 2012

Chicago Tribune: Savings Hocus Pocus

US News: Money - 3 Things to Know About Annuities

Fox Business: Tips for Hiring Outside the Box

Reverse Mortgage Information: Financial Considerations for Seniors

March 2012

The Glass Hammer: Does Gender Matter When It Comes To Your Mentor?

The Columbus Dispatch: Refile your money: Dangerous magic in your retirement plan

NBC: How to Make Quitting a PR Move and Powerplay

American Express, Open Forum: Keeping Up With Trends While Keeping up With Business

Main Street: 8 Potential Money Pitfalls for Retirees

Business Insider: 3 Spending and Saving Mantras The Recession Turned Upside-Down

February 2012

Reuters: Your Money: Suing descendents, in real life

January 2012

M.O. What's Yours?: Lexion Capital Management

Fiduciary News: Will 2012 be the Year of the 401k Fiduciary?

Can Do Finance: Tips On How To Retire Early

December 2011

CNBC: Should You Claim Social Security Benefits Early?

AARP: Test Your Money Instincts

CNN Money: Money Manager Makes Mint Investing For Women

The Glass Hammer: Voice of Experience: Elle Kaplan

CNBC: Muni Bonds still a safe tax free option

November 2011

CNBC: Help For Retirement Shortfalls

The Wall Street Journal: The 10 Risks and Rewards of a Lateral Career Move

CNBC: Cracking Your Nest Egg Early

Fab Over Fifty: I'm 54. Is it too late to save for retirement?

Fab Over Fifty: Do you have (or give your spouse) an "allowance"?

September 2011

Reuters Money: Investing Policy Statements: A Roadmap for Volatile Markets

July 2011

Yahoo! Finance: Lexion Capital Management Offers a Unique Approach to Wealth Management

Family Wealth Report: New Boutique Wealth Firm Launched in New York



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