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LexION Capital is able to access Institutional Funds that are not available to the retail public. The firm's institutional access allows us to structure portfolios based on financial science and the efficacy of capital markets will add value with a higher reliability and confidence level than one based on instinct and prophecy. Investment success begins with a properly diversified portfolio. Our asset class investment approach is translated into an array of investment vehicles, each of which is rigorously designed to capture a particular asset class within a globally diversified portfolio. LexION Capital Management is a completely independent, fee only advisor. As such, we receive no compensation from any institution for using its funds. This arrangement allows us to use any investment vehicle that best meets a client's individual investment needs.


LexION Capital provides investment advice; we do not have direct access to your account assets. As a client you have the opportunity to select to house your assets in the institutional suites at Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments or TD Ameritrade. With your permission, LexION Capital Management receives Limited Power of Attorney to submit trades on your behalf. LexION Capital Management will also provide you with regular reports that summarize your portfolios performance. You remain in control of your assets by having them held in accounts in your name. Each of your custodians provides us with the platform, products, programs and resources to serve you in a transparent, safe and effective manner. If you are concerned about placing all of your eggs in one basket, we have the flexibility to oversee your accounts at multiple custodians.

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