What we are:

We are a fiduciary firm. This means that we follow the highest possible legal standard: unlike traditional banks and brokerage firms, we are legally bound to uphold our clients’ best interests.

We are independent. Lexion Capital is free to select the best possible investment opportunities from around the globe.

We set a new, higher standard in financial management. LexION Capital was founded on the principle that a client-centric, ethical approach should be the rule—not the alternative. We customize our approach to every member’s unique needs.

What we are not:

We never include mark-ups, hidden fees, or commissions. Our services are completely transparent and fee-only: what you see is what you get.

We never restrict members' investment options to a self-branded line of investment products. Lexion offers elite access to the "best of" in every asset class.

We never answer to shareholders with an eye on our stock price, nor to a board of directors. At Lexion Capital, our members are the sole priority.


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We Always

* Answer directly to our clients

* Seek the best investment solutions

* Have independence and stability

* Have a sole focus on ethical and transparent investment advice

 * Create a highly customized asset allocation

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We Never

* Answer to our shareholders, with an eye on our stock price

* Have “plug and play” template advice

* Sell an internal inventory of products or self branded mutual funds

* Expose clients to counter-party risk

* Have conflict ridden or distracting sideline businesses

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